Arwa Al Banawi launched her Capsule Collection 2019 “The Saudi Dream” that celebrates Saudi youth street culture; its authenticity, creativity and people. The pieces are inspired by nineties silhouettes with a merge of traditional Saudi garments with a pastel and floral color palette.

In this collection Al Banawi collaborated with global beverage brand, Pepsi Co. Al Banawi captured the real essence of everything related to youth culture in Saudi Arabia as she used the 50s to 80’s vintage logos from Pepsi to bring this collection to life. Arwa also collaborated with contemporary Jeddah based artist, Ali Cha’aban to create a special artwork for the campaign.

Titled “The Saudi Dream”, Arwa Al Banawi informs us that the Saudi dream is real and it’s an exciting time to be Saudi and to be living in the country. “The Saudi Dream” informs us that we are celebrating the milestones changes happening in the beloved kingdom.