Key pieces include logo T-shirts emblazoned with the Arabic word for “sassy” and long-sleeved shirts featuring the statement “You Say You Get Me But You Don’t” – a nod to the type of moody phrases you’d fine scribbled in the diaries of high school outcasts and teenage rebels.


The collaboration sees Arwa put her own spin on the label’s iconic trucker jacket, cleverly infusing her Saudi heritage with the brand’s American heritage. Aptly titled, “A marriage of two cultures”, the three jackets feature shoulder pads, a belt and are cut in an oversized silhouette. Each of the three designs is emblazoned with a different statement on the back: “I studied in the UAE”, “I studied in Saudi Arabia” and “I studied in London”.

Pepsi Co.The Saudi Dream Capsule 2019

Arwa Al Banawi launched her Capsule Collection 2019 “The Saudi Dream” that celebrates Saudi youth street culture, its authenticity, creativity and people. In this collection Al Banawi collaborated with global beverage brand, Pepsi Coke.
The pieces are inspired by nineties silhouettes with a merge of traditional Saudi garments; piecing together Saudi youth street culture, from ordering one of Saudi’s best street food places paired with a Pepsi on a Friday night in the “Deewaniya.”

The Suitable Woman

Arwa Al Banawi commissioned Dubai based artist/songwriter, Layla Kardan to write the song “The Suitable women “on a collaboration to create a song that personifies and celebrates Arwa’s brand, “The Suitable Woman” is the slogan of the brand which celebrates the woman on the go.