Arwa Al Banawi Spring Summer 2018

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This collection is the Saudi designer’s most rebellious yet as she looks to the Eighties for inspiration; piecing together influences from iconic women like Grace Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer with the decade’s best music from David Bowie to Michael Jackson.

“I wanted to bring out the strong character that a woman exudes when she’s out at night and feeling confident in her playful outfit while the crowd around her is intrigued by her charisma and sharp intellect,” Arwa explains.

Entitled ‘Banat’, Arwa Al Banawi celebrates girls and the important role they play in the world today. The collection’s name is printed across several pieces in the collection in different iterations; fluorescent pink on a polka dot hooded sweater, to its Arabic calligraphy on orange sweatpants and oversized jacket.

Download the SS18 Lookbook