Arwa Al Banawi, also known as “The Suitable Woman”, launched her Spring / Summer 2019 “The Riyality” collection; a line influenced by the reality that we live in, and the changes happening in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the new wave happening in the country, the collection is a celebration of women achievements, empowerment and mainly the celebration of all women making a difference in the world.

This collection’s statics are very bold, futuristic and minimal. Inspired by the masculinity of 90s era’s silhouettes; including tailored suits, safari jackets, wide pants and statement t-shirts that say “The Reality is like a dream”, the title “The Riyality” is taken from the word Riyal which is the Saudi currency.

Arwa Al Banawi used fabrics such as cotton, jersey, silk and crepe due to their functionality for summer and for a traveling woman; always fit for the lifestyle of a suitable woman. Futuristic bold colors are also introduced in this collection as a resemblance of a powerful and prosperous future that reflects a determined, independent, inspiring woman. The hues are fluorescent yellow, coral, fuchsia, mint green and shades of blue.